Building a culture of health

at your organization?

My Happy Plates makes it easier to shop for groceries and cook great tasting, healthy meals at home.

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The Employee Experience


We'll give you recipe recommendations and a smart search engine so you can easily build your plan for the week.


Food is personal!

Create your profile - likes, dislikes, style, nutritional goals, budget, cook time, allergies, and more.


 We'll build you a shopping list that's organized by section and portioned to what you need. Optional grocery delivery also available from Instacart.

8 out of 10

of your employees

eat fast food regularly.


"Now when I'm leaving work I know exactly what I'll be cooking for my family that night. I can't tell you how valuable that is."


Mom of 3

Shift Manager @ Fortune 500 Global Retailer

We drive engagement.

Learn how we help our partners drive 2x their average participation rate.

Support + Partnership

We all win when your teammates rave about their experience.

We know you've got 2 million other projects on your desk. We provide around-the-clock support so your HR/Benefits/Wellness team can rest easy while driving measurable results.

Flat-Rate Pricing

for Businesses

Tiered annual pricing structure based on total employee headcount.

$0.05 to $1.00 PEPM,

depending on size.

Most of your employees don't have the time or inclination to dig into what "healthy" really means. Our RD's sign off on each and every meal we recommend.

Let our Registered Dietitians Help

Tools for Benefits, Wellness + Culture

Participation & Engagement Data


Wellness Insights

Wellness & Nutrition Challenges

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